Residencies & Fellowships

Family Practice Residency Program

At Valley Baptist Medical Center, we seek to provide students and residents an outstanding experience. The mission of our Family Practice Residency Program is to provide excellent care to our patients, quality training to our residents and compassionate outreach in our community as we strive to follow Christ’s example of healing lives and relationships.

Faith-Based Values

We are a Christ-centered training program with a Biblical worldview. As people of faith, we help our students and residents share their lives, their love and their medical skills in a way that is effective and satisfying to all involved.

Hands-On Training

Our fully accredited program has a unique, apprenticeship-style curriculum that provides real-life training for family physicians. We have more clinic experience and less wasted rotational time so that the graduate is prepared to move into a clinic, manage the clinic and practice family medicine.

Contact Us

For more information on our benefits, our residents and staff, please see:, email us at or call us at (956) 389-2448.

You may also write to us at:
Valley Baptist Family Practice Residency Clinic
2222 Benwood St.
Harlingen, Texas 78550