Seizures, twitching and convulsions, these are some of the temporary episodes of the medical condition known as epilepsy. Millions of Americans suffer from it, but, there is treatment available that can help people manage it. The brain sends electrical impulses and when they act abnormally or send erratic signals – seizures will occur. This happens when the brain is confused by haywire messages.

The most simplest of daily life activities such as walking, cooking dinner, driving or bathing, may quickly become dangerous when someone is medically affected by epilepsy. That’s simply because no one knows when a seizure will strike. The good news is that epilepsy can be managed, most of the time, with medication and/or other treatments. For instance, some may reduce the risk for a seizure by changing their lifestyle and knowing what their triggers are. This may help better manage epilepsy.

Epilepsy brings with it numerous symptoms and affects everyone differently, including the type of seizures experienced. Some of the symptoms of a seizure are:

  • Convulsions impacting the entire body
  • Impacted Speech
  • Losing consciousness
  • Minimal twitching of all or some parts of the body, which may include arms, hands and legs
  • Temporary loss of control of a bowel movement or bladder
  • Twitching in the face
  • Unexpected stillness with a blank stare

In most cases, a seizure can last a few seconds or a few minutes. And, for those who experience seizures, in some instances it may take as long as an hour to regain their normal state. And, in some instances, thy may not even recall experiencing the seizure or recall what was happening when the episode started.

The Valley Baptist Neuroscience Institute offers treatment plans for each individual patient that will help them address their specific disorder. Our team is also committed to conducting clinical research and testing that is helping patients benefit from advanced treatments, including advanced surgical options for seizures that do not respond to medication or diet.

To learn more about epilepsy treatment programs and our physicians, at the Valley Baptist Neuroscience Institute, please call us at (956) 389-3600 or visit us at: https://vbphysiciannetwork.com/specialties/neurology/

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