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Breast Exams, Mammography and More

While there are many ways to prevent breast cancer, we know that early detection is one of the best methods available in the fight against a disease that will affect at least 1 in 8 women during her lifetime.

At the Breast Center at Valley Baptist, we offer advanced imaging technologies to screen for breast cancer and comprehensive and compassionate services for women:

  • Digital mammography. We are the only hospital in the Rio Grande Valley that offers 3-D breast mammography
  • Breast ultrasounds
  • Bone density testing

What Does Digital Mammography Mean For You?

  • Improved imaging: With 3-D digital mammography, the magnification, orientation, brightness and contrast of the image helps the radiologist clearly see certain areas. Digital mammography is particularly beneficial if you have dense or thick breast tissue.
  • Less radiation: The radiation dose can be significantly reduced with digital mammography.
  • Reduced exam time: Digital spot view mammography allows faster and more accurate stereotactic biopsy as well as improved comfort.

Why Digital Mammography Screenings Are Important

  • Nearly 80 percent of all women diagnosed with breast cancer have no history of the disease in their families, and your risk increases with age.
  • Two-thirds of newly diagnosed breast cancers show no signs that the cancer has spread beyond the breast, and most women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer are candidates for treatment that saves the breast.

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Don’t wait another day to take care of your breast health! For more information on Valley Baptist’s women’s services, please contact one of our centers:

The Breast Center at Valley Baptist Medical Center—Brownsville
1040 West Jefferson St.
Brownsville, TX
Women's Center entrance, first floor
(956) 698-5412

The Breast Center at Valley Baptist Medical Center—Harlingen
2101 Pease St.
Harlingen, TX
Enter via Professional Building Entrance B
(956) 389-6703

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