Inpatient Rehabilitation

Restore Your Quality of Life

At Valley Baptist Medical Center—Harlingen’s Acute Rehabilitation Unit, we help you to achieve independence, function and recovery. During your stay with us, we’ll assist you in meeting your recovery milestones, and help prepare you for returning back home. We’ll also spend time with your family and caregiver network, to help you maintain your gains after you’ve left the hospital.

Our Services

  • Physical therapy: Our primary goal is to treat physical source of problem.
  • Occupational therapy: Our primary goal is to improve daily function, which can include changing home and work environment in addition to physical training.
  • Speech therapy/language pathology: Designed to help improve communication issues, swallowing disorders and more.

Before Admission

Before we can admit you, you must:

  • Be assessed by a rehab doctor prior to treatment
  • Have rehabilitative potential
  • Be able to tolerate a minimum of three hours of therapy, seven days a week
  • Be willing to participate in therapy
  • Have the goal to return home safely with the assistance of family/caregiver
  • Require two or more types (occupational, speech, etc.) of therapy
  • Be medically stable
  • Need 24-hour rehabilitation nursing care

Learn More

For more information, contact Valley Baptist Inpatient Rehabilitation Services at (956) 389-1550 in Harlingen.