Palliative Care

Making All the Difference

Every stage of life is important and unique, and at Valley Baptist we’re prepared to care for you at every step of your journey. That’s why we offer palliative  care, so that we can make coping with a serious illness easier for you and your family.

Palliative Care

At Valley Baptist, we understand the difference between palliative care and hospice care, which usually is meant for people in the final six months of life who choose to let their condition run its natural course.

Rather, Valley Baptist Palliative Care is a medical specialty that focuses on the relief of pain and other symptoms of serious illness. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our patients and their families.

Our palliative care team offers you:

  • Time for close communication about your illness and treatment choices
  • Expert management of pain and other symptoms
  • Help navigating the health care system
  • Guidance with difficult and complex treatment choices
  • Emotional and spiritual support for you and your family
  • Coordination of your care among all your health care providers
  • Referral and coordination of home care services suited to your needs, such as rehab or hospice

Remember that palliative care:

  • Is appropriate at any point in a serious illness
  • Can be provided at the same time as curative treatment
  • Is covered by most insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid

Valley Baptist Palliative Care can take place at the same time all your other treatments are happening, so you don’t need to wait. Pain and stress have a negative effect on you and your family — let us help.

For more information about Valley Baptist Palliative Care services, call Valley Baptist—Harlingen, (956) 389-1​285, or email us.

Palliative Care – Part One with Dr. James Castillo MD – Valley Baptist Medical Center

Patients who are terminal or in the last six months of their lives are generally eligible for hospice treatment. As a hospice patient, we concentrate on your comfort above all else, alleviating your pain, fatigue, anxiety and more.

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Our team of palliative and hospice care specialists is here to provide advanced methods to manage pain & symptoms.