Orthopedic Care & Treatment

Keeping You Moving

Valley Baptist Medical Center is a regional leader in orthopedic care and joint replacement.  If you’re experiencing joint pain, or need joint replacement, our orthopedic specialists and surgeons can help relieve pain and get you back to the activities you love.

Our Services

Valley Baptist Medical Center—Harlingen

  • Valley Baptist Medical Center-Harlingen is certified by the Joint Commission for knee and hip replacement. In June of 2016, the hospital received this certification for the third time.
  • VBMC-H Home to our joint camp program, helping to prepare you for joint replacement surgery.

Valley Baptist Medical Center—Brownsville

  • Only hospital in Cameron county to offer Navio partial knee replacement
  • Offers a hip replacement surgery called anterior total hip arthroplasty replacement that is less invasive, helping to reduce complications and provide a quicker recovery

Dedicated to You

Because of our dedication to orthopedic care, many of our patients are only with us for the day before they return home. But we still place you in a hospital room before surgery, and return you to that same room afterward. And you’ll receive care from a dedicated support team made up of highly skilled nurses and other care providers — many of whom have been with us 20 years or more.

Take the Next Step

To find an orthopedic specialist, use our online doctor search or call our 24-hour referral line at (888) 902-5433.

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