Lab Tests & Screenings

A Sample Can Lead to a Solution

Here is a short selection of laboratory tests we perform:


Analyzing the blood for total blood count, specific numbers of red and white blood cells, the functionality of specific types of cells and more.


Testing patient samples for the existence of microbes such as bacteria, fungi and parasites.


Studying individual cells to find abnormal cells. Used extensively to diagnose cancer, cytology, is also used in screening for fetal abnormalities and in diagnosing infectious organisms.


An endocrinology test is usually done to measure various hormone levels in the body. This may be to learn if endocrine glands are working properly, or to determine a number of other endocrinological problems.


Coagulation tests are done on blood samples to measure your blood’s ability to clot and the time it takes to do so. This test may be recommended if you’re suspected to have a clotting disorder (which may be due to a number of different conditions).

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For more information about our hospital laboratory services, please call our Harlingen laboratory at (956) 389-1788 or our Brownsville laboratory at (956) 698-5467. Services are offered by referral only.