Brain & Spine Care

Neuro Diseases, Spine Surgery and More

At Valley Baptist Medical Center, we understand that sometimes you do actually have to be a brain surgeon to help people. So whether it’s stopping a stroke in its tracks, helping you recover after you’ve experienced one or caring for any other brain or spine issues, we have the people, technology and the know-how to help you heal. That’s Valley Baptist Care.

Highlights of Our Care

At Valley Baptist, you’ll find:

  • Comprehensive stroke rehabilitation services, including both  inpatient, outpatient.
  • A certified Primary Stroke Center and Gold Plus certification by the American Stroke Association, which means our care has been recognized for its quality and alignment with national best practices
  • Award-winning, nationally recognized stroke specialists
  • 24/7 endovascular coverage
  • An Advanced Research Center, where our doctors are helping to create new, leading-edge treatments
  • Comprehensive stroke rehabilitation services, including inpatient, outpatient and skilled nursing facility care

Stroke Care

When a blood vessel carrying oxygen and nutrients to the brain is blocked by a clot or bursts, a stroke occurs. At Valley Baptist Medical Center, our award-winning stroke treatment can lessen a stroke’s impact and help you recover faster.

Certified as Primary Stroke Centers, Valley Baptist Medical Center—Harlingen and Valley Baptist Medical Center—Brownsville offer a full range of stroke care services. From our Level III trauma center, neurological ICU and fellowship-trained doctors available 24/7, we help you recover faster.

Take a stroke risk assessment to learn more about your personal stroke risk.

Stroke Rehabilitation

We offer:

  • An inpatient rehabilitation unit
  • A skilled nursing facility
  • An outpatient rehabilitation clinic

If you’re recovering from surgery or a stroke, we know that you need specialized rehab care. And because we offer so many solutions, we can work with you throughout your recovery, ensuring that you transition from hospital to home in the shortest time possible.

We also recognize the importance of mental and emotional recovery because we know that being in the right frame of mind is every bit as important as being physically back to normal. That’s why we host stoke support groups, so you can give and receive support from others having the same experience.

For more information about our rehabilitation services, call Valley Baptist Medical Center—Harlingen at (956) 389-1100 or Valley Baptist Medical Center—Brownsville at (956) 698-5400.

Neurosurgery and Endovascular Excellence

Valley Baptist Medical Center's highly trained neurosurgeons and endovascular specialists are able to perform  complex brain and spine procedures, greatly reducing the effects of stroke or other vascular conditions, and getting you back to your life quickly and safely.

Advanced Research Center

Valley Baptist Medical Center is home to advanced research on stroke and other neurological conditions. Aided by the National Institutes of Health, our doctors are helping to create the leading-edge treatments of tomorrow.

National Recognition

We offer this advanced level of care at each of our locations thanks to what we call the Brain and Spine Network — a network of trained professionals offering extensive stroke treatment services in Rio Grande Valley.

Valley Baptist has been recognized by The Joint Commission for its stroke prevention and treatment services, which means we use best practice treatments and techniques for stroke care. If you or a loved one experience stroke symptoms, we’re ready to help.

The American Stroke Association and American Heart Association have also once again awarded Valley Baptist—Harlingen and Valley Baptist—Brownsville “Gold Plus” awards for care of stroke patients in 2016. The national awards program, Get With The Guidelines, is designed to help ensure that the care hospitals provide for stroke patients is aligned with up-to-date scientific guidelines.

Contact Us

For more information, ​call (855) 720-7448.

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