Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville recognized as Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite

Aug 24, 2018
BROWNSVILLE, July 31, 2018—Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville receives Gold-Level designation as a Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite by the Department of State Health Services (DSHS). 

Mother-Friendly Worksites are institutions that adopt and implement policies that supply supportive environments for employees who choose to breastfeed their infants. In doing so, such worksites encourage employee support as they return back to work after parental leave. These policies are mindful of that often challenging transition and offer an environment which recognizes employees’ need to provide their babies with the very best nutrition while they are at work.

“This designation is a tremendous accomplishment for our facility and for our employees,” said Dawn LeRoy, Chief Nursing Officer for Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville.  “We want to ensure that we are creating a positive work environment for our employees and giving them the access they need to raise happy, healthy families.”

As a Gold-level Worksite, VBMC-Brownsville campus provides employees a worksite lactation support policy that offers:
  • Flexible work schedules including scheduling breaks and work patterns to provide time for expression of milk.
  • Access to a private location(s) that is not a bathroom, for the purpose of milk expression.
  • Access to a nearby clean and safe water source and a sink for washing hands and rinsing out any breast pump equipment.
  • Access to hygienic storage options for mothers to safely store breast milk.

“It’s reassuring to see how much my company cares about and supports new moms and our families,” said Pamela Perez, RT, a respiratory therapist at Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville.  “It has really helped me to transition back to work knowing I have their support to keep my baby healthy.”

Valley Baptist-Brownsville now supplies employees who are nursing mothers with suites consisting of essential needs like sanitation spaces to clean bottles and pumps, and a peaceful, private atmosphere for nursing and/or pumping.

“Valley Baptist-Brownsville is currently working toward achieving Texas Ten Step Designation as a method to support best practices for maternity care and receiving Gold-Level is our first step towards this goal,” said Marimer Morales, RN for Lactation Services at Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville.  “Receiving Gold-Standard Mother Friendly Workplace brings breastfeeding awareness to our employees so they feel encouraged and supported.  Our Lactation team is also here to provide help so new moms can nurse their infants for longer periods of time.” 

August 1-7, celebrates World Breastfeeding Week to highlight the benefits of breastfeeding.  On a local level, these worksite implementations coincide with national efforts and work to benefit mothers and babies. They also reflect the hospital’s continuous commitment to care.

Learn more about Texas Mother-Friendly Worksites on their website.

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