Valley Baptist Health System wants to keep you safe and having fun celebrating the New Year

Jan 7, 2019

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and with the anticipation of a new year comes celebrations. Valley Baptist Health System has some tips that can keep you and your family safe celebrating the New Year.

“Each year around this time, we see many ranges of injuries and emergencies that can be easily prevented if the proper safety precautions are taken into consideration,” said Dr. Douglas Miesen, MD, Emergency Medicine Specialist for Valley Baptist Medical Center-Harlingen.  “The best way we can prevent injuries, is to educate our community to ensure their celebrations remain in good fun.”

If heading to a New Year’s Eve party, ensure a designated driver has been assigned.  Driving accidents increase during the holidays, so it’s crucial to have a safe ride on a night when so many people are out and about. 

Driving during the holidays has its own set of dangers. “Alcohol intoxication can lead to deadly consequences when people get behind the wheel, said Miesen. “Car accidents are a big concern over the holidays when people have been drinking.  My advice for anyone driving on New Year’s Eve is don’t drink and drive.”

If you do decide to celebrate with an alcoholic beverage, remember to not overdo consumption and to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, eat a wholesome dinner to help absorb alcohol and never leave your beverage unattended. 

New Year’s Eve revelers often wind up in the ER with injuries stemming not only from alcohol consumption, but use of fireworks ae well. Emergency rooms see cuts, bruises, broken bones and sprained ankles. Trauma caused by people falling and hurting themselves while celebrating a little too enthusiastically. Experts say children should never be allowed to handle fireworks, and adults should exercise caution. “People can experience burns, can lose fingers and eye injuries when igniting fireworks,” says Miesen. “I recommend watching professionally sponsored fireworks displays rather than risk injuries from setting them off yourself.”


Valley Baptist Health System wishes you a safe and happy New Year.  If an emergency arises Valley Baptist has four convenient locations.

Valley Baptist Medical Center – Harlingen
2101 Pease Street

Valley Baptist Emergency Center-Harlingen
1725 N. Ed Carey Dr.

Valley Baptist Medical Center – Brownsville
1040 West Jefferson Street

Valley Baptist Emergency Center-Brownsville
2073 E. Ruben Torres Sr. Blvd

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