Gifts & Support

Provide for Those You Love

It’s important to show support for family members and friends when they stay at the hospital. At Valley Baptist, we want to make it easy for you to show this support. Find the resources you need to locate our gift shops, send messages of encouragement and help your loved ones in other ways.

Create a support center of care and support for a friend or loved one while they're at Valley Baptist Medical Center.
Need flowers, cards or other gifts? Find locations, times and more for Valley Baptist Medical Center gift shops.
Learn how you can help your loved one during their stay at Valley Baptist Medical Center.
Can’t make it to the hospital but want to show support? Send a free Cheer Card to patients of Valley Baptist Medical Center.
Our spiritual support staff is here to provide comfort during trying times, and share in joyous ones.
Support groups allow you to share your experiences and learn from others in an open, caring and helpful environment.