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  • Prevention Guidelines for Women 18-39

    Do you know which screening tests and immunizations you need to preserve your health? Try this chart, which contains the screening tests and immunizations that most women ages 18 to 39 need.

  • Prevention Guidelines for Women 40-49

    You do a lot to stay healthy, but do you know which immunizations and health screenings are best for you? This list is for women ages 40 to 49, and it's a good place to start.

  • Prevention Guidelines for Women 50-64

    Immunizations aren't just for kids. Adults need them too. Find out which ones you need to stay healthy and which screening tests are recommended for women ages 50 to 64.

  • Prevention Guidelines for Women 65+

    Here are the screening tests and immunizations that most women at ages 65 and older need. Although you and your health care provider may decide that a different schedule is best for you, this plan can guide your discussion.