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Editorial Policies

StayWell Solutions Online content comes from a variety of sources, both internal and from third party licensees.

Krames StayWell Terms and Conditions policy governs the use of this website and its content. This agreement should be read carefully and completely before using the website and applying for any services detailed on the website.

All Krames StayWell-owned content is either:

  • commissioned by editors based in Salt Lake City, Atlanta, or Yardley offices

  • created or commissioned by the clinical content team based in Atlanta and Salt Lake City.

Content that is created or commissioned by Krames StayWell is done independently with no commercial ties to any product or service, and with no subsidies from any private or government institution.

Freelance authors commissioned by Krames StayWell are required to review and sign our Conflict of Interest policy to assure Krames StayWell that they represent no product or service that has the potential of influencing what they write. Krames StayWell and its licensees do not collect any information that tracks the reading history of individual visitors. .


Some StayWell Solutions Online (SSO) content contains links to other websites. Before inclusion, links are chosen by Krames StayWell authors and/or editors, who determine that a visit to the linked site enhances the information contained in the content. Links are reviewed and updated every 24 months, and periodically throughout the year as needed.

Krames StayWell employs a weekly, automatic program to detect, update and/or delete broken links. All links are displayed via a pop-up window or eye frame. Users do not leave the Krames StayWell site.

Krames StayWell does not solicit nor accept links in return for remunerations. Under the Advertising and Sponsorship policy, our company does not link to commercial sites.

For additional information, please refer to the "Links to Other Internet Sites" section of Krames StayWell Terms and Conditions policy.

Support for claims of therapeutic benefit

All content has been reviewed by Krames StayWell editors and authors. Where claims of therapeutic benefit are made and the specific source of the claim is not cited, these claims have been approved by Krames StayWell medical reviewers as being generally accepted medical practice or advice.

For additional information, please refer the "Use of Information and Resources" section of Krames StayWell Terms and Conditions policy.

Wellness and Library Content creation

Author qualifications

Authors are experienced communicators who can seek out top sources, understand complex material, and translate technical subjects into consumer-friendly prose.

This has resulted in long-term relationships with veteran health and wellness writers who create interesting, accurate prose.

The list includes reporters who have written for major newspapers, magazines, and health-care publications. Our core writers average 10 years of experience, and none have less than two years of experience.

When we add new writers, we check samples of their previous work and spend extra time coaching them through their initial assignments.


The majority of editors and authors work as full-time employees at Krames StayWell and there are several editors and authors who work on a free-lance or contract basis. The editorial staff brings an average of 10-plus years of editing experience, and writers are supervised throughout the process.

An editorial calendar is developed in advance. Background information is collected prior to being forwarded to our clinical team for fact-checking and storage. For additional information, please review Krames StayWell Evidence-Based Medical Content and Development Process policy.

After writers file their stories, clinicians review them and send them to editors for review. Clinicians or editors may question facts, check them or direct writers to verify them. Editors also ensure that content can be understood by readers with limited knowledge of health and medical issues.


Our writers use only evidence-based information. Sources come from major physicians' organizations, medical centers and universities, published research articles and books, mainstream advocacy groups such as the American Heart Association, government agencies, and industry groups (where appropriate). All health content is sourced and dated when edited/updated. It is reviewed no later than 24 months from the posting date in KSW's Unified Content Repository.

For additional information on the sourcing process for health content, please review Krames StayWell Evidence-Based Health Content and Development Process policy.

Staywell Solutions Online content set

StayWell Solutions Online (SSO) uses the entire set of content assets listed below. Other SSO products use relevant portions of these assets.

Content type


Library of Diseases and Conditions

The content in the library was developed by Krames StayWell (KSW) and consists of two health libraries, adult and pediatric. The adult health library has detailed information from allergies to travel medicine. This is the place to find information on a wide range of health conditions, illnesses, and treatments. The pediatric health library covers the critical childhood health topics, from stages of growth and development to disease and injury prevention. All content is reviewed every 24 months, and periodically throughout the year as needed.

Library of Tests and Procedures

The content in the library was developed by KSW, and it is divided into seven clinical categories: cardiovascular, gastroenterology, gynecology, neurology, orthopaedic, pulmonary, and urology. All content is reviewed every 24 months, and periodically throughout the year as needed.

Drug Reference Guide

The content in this section is licensed by KSW from Gold Standard Multimedia. Gold Standard data are updated quarterly, assuring that newly approved drugs and drugs that are taken off the market are promptly updated.

Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements

This section is an encyclopedia of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other dietary supplements. Much of the information about nutritional supplements is controversial or contested by medical researchers. Every effort is made to provide accurate material distilled from the latest medical literature available.

Wellness Library

KSW created this online library and most of the articles in the library were written by KSW authors, either by staff writers or freelance writers commissioned by KSW editors. Some articles are adapted from press releases issued by credible nonprofit health organizations and government agencies. Also, some articles originally appeared in one of a number of publications created by KSW's print division, primarily for its hospital, managed care, and employer clients. Before publication, articles were reviewed by one of several medical review boards. Articles on health topics selected for inclusion in the Wellness Library undergo a second round of editing and medical review before being placed online. Those editors and reviewers are listed in the Editors and Authors, and the Medical Review section of this site.

News Center

The content is divided into three categories, breaking news, recent headlines and newsletter. Breaking news delves into a wealth of health care issues drawn from the world of medicine. Recent headlines allow users to stay up-to-date with the latest health news. Health highlights, the latest clinical trials, and timely health tips can be found in this category. The newsletters are in-depth electronic publications that cover major health topics, including men's and women's health, diabetes, and heart disease. News articles are supplied by HealthDay, which publishes 10 to 12 articles each business day. These articles are archived for one year.

Nutrition Facts

A database allows users to review the latest data from the USDA on the nutritional value of commonly used foods. This easy tool allows user to find out about calories, fat, protein, cholesterol, sodium, fiber, and other nutrition information.


These recipes are divided into clinical categories (for instance, low-fat, low-sat, heart healthy), as well as food categories. Susan Greatorex (see Editors and Authors) created most of the material. The recipes have been reviewed by licensed dietitians.

Prevention Guidelines

The content consists of information about tests and immunizations recommended by age group and gender. Users are encouraged to use these guidelines when discussing a disease prevention plan with health care providers. The schedule is based on recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and the CDC, unless otherwise noted.

Healthy Living

The content was developed by full-time employees of KSW. Some of the major content contributors are freelance editors and authors for KSW.

Health Centers

The content was developed by full-time employees of KSW. Some of the major content contributors are freelance editors and authors for KSW. Most content in the Cancer Solution Center was developed by oncologists commissioned by KSW. Some content is supplied by the National Cancer Institute.

Your Family

The content was developed by full-time employees of KSW. Some of the major content contributors are freelance editors and authors for KSW.

Interactive Tools

The content was developed by full-time employees of KSW. Major contributors or developers of these tools are members of the clinical team in the Interactive Solutions Department. Some interactive tools on the site were developed by medical professionals commissioned by KSW.

The Symptom Checker and Care Guides ( are licensed from Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content (STCC -, and allow end-users to view potential causes of symptoms and self-care treatments. The clinical content ( is updated and expanded annually based upon recent medical literature, recent national guidelines, quality improvement projects, research, expert reviews, and feedback from users by clinical team members ( of STCC.

Multimedia Room

All multimedia tools-animations, clinical wizards, podcasts, videos-on the site were developed by KSW.


Questions about our policies

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