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About Krames StayWell

Krames StayWell (KSW) is a division of MediMedia – and has offices in Evanston, IL, Greensboro, NC, Portland, OR, Salt Lake City, UT, San Bruno, CA, Santa Rosa, CA, and Yardley, PA. KSW represents the largest provider of interactive and print patient education solutions and consumer health information in the United States.

KSW was established in 2011 and represents the consolidation of two MediMedia divisions: Krames Patient Education (Krames) and StayWell Custom Communications (SCC). The combined strengths of both organizations allow clients to more easily benefit from a wider breadth of products, custom solutions, consultative services, and innovative technology applications. Krames and SCC united to become the largest provider of interactive, print and mobile patient education solutions, consumer health information, and population health management communications in the country.

As a joint entity, KSW has an unparalleled range of healthcare content and design assets, a huge breadth and depth of fully integrated multimedia product and service offerings, and unmatched knowledge and expertise available to our clients. Our incomparable market presence includes over 330 employees located in more than seven offices across the nation. Of those employees, more than 100 sales and account managers, over 100 content developers and designers, and more than 50 interactive solution developers and technology specialists are at our clients' service on a daily basis. Put it all together, and KSW is proud to offer solutions that touch more than 80 million consumers every year. 

About StayWell Solutions Online

StayWell Solutions Online provides the following services:

  • A library of diseases and conditions

  • A library of clinical lab tests and clinical procedures

  • A database of information about tests and immunizations recommended by age group and gender

  • A drug reference library covering prescription and over-the-counter drugs

  • A database of consumer-oriented health and wellness articles

  • A database on nutritional facts and values of commonly used foods

  • A database of commonly used herbs, vitamins and supplements

  • A healthy recipes database

  • Daily health news

  • Daily health tips

  • Healthy Living modules including information on blood pressure, smoking, stress and weight

  • Health Center modules including information on asthma, diabetes, heart health, and pregnancy and childbirth

  • Your Family content modules directed to men, women, parents, and older adults

  • Multimedia library on various health topics

  • Interactive tools including calculators, risk assessments, quizzes, symptom checker and care guides

  • User-activated e-mail reminders

  • User-activated goals 

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Krames StayWell
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