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No matter how necessary it might be, most people don’t want to have surgery. And no matter how caring and considerate the doctors and nurses are, it can still be still a scary process. At Valley Baptist we understand, and we’re here to keep you informed and do everything we can to make things less frightening.


At Valley Baptist, we know that you want to get your surgery over with and get back to your life, and we share that goal. Our surgeons often can get you in and out the same day, and even if you have to spend some time with us our robotic devices and other technology can often make surgery as minimally invasive as possible.

More locations for procedures. Less invasive procedures. Quicker recovery times.

That’s Valley Baptist Care.

Ambulatory Surgery Center

North Brownsville Ambulatory Surgery Center
If you’re having an outpatient procedure, our Ambulatory Surgery Center offers state-of-the-art facilities and a highly trained, experienced staff. 

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Day Surgery

Valley Baptist’s Day Surgery Centers provide all the same care and attention as our inpatients receive — and you’re back home that night! 

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Robotic Surgery

High-tech robotic surgery offers many benefits, including smaller incisions, less bleeding and a shorter recovery time. 

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Weight Loss Surgery

Valley Baptist is a recognized leader in bariatric, or weight loss, surgery. Let us show you why we’re different — and better. 

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