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Joint Replacement

Having hip replacement or knee replacement surgery used to be a complicated, time-consuming, expensive and painful process. Things have come a long way in a short time, at Valley Baptist Medical Center we’ve got the hip replacement specialist and knee replacement surgeon you’re looking for.

People from all over the Rio Grande Valley — and beyond — come to Valley Baptist for joint replacement surgery. We have the latest in joint replacement techniques, and we’re the only hospital south of San Antonio to have three laminar airflow rooms, a special air-scrubbing system that greatly reduces your risk of infection. (Ours is less than 1 percent, one of the lowest in the nation, and that’s with more than 1,000 joint replacement surgeries every year.)

Award-winning quality. Advanced technology. That’s Valley Baptist Care.

For more information, call Valley Baptist Medical Center-Harlingen, (956) 389-1100, or Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville, (956) 698-5400.


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