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Valley Baptist Medical Center is the region’s leading orthopedic specialist. If you are experiencing joint pain, or need joint replacement, our orthopedic surgeons can help you become pain free and get back to normal quickly and easily.

Valley Baptist Medical Center-Harlingen

Valley Baptist Medical Center-Harlingen became the first hospital in South Texas certified for knee and hip replacement surgery by the Joint Commission.  VMBC-H was the first hospital south of San Antonio to be certified with a “Gold Seal of Approval™” specifically for knee and hip replacement surgeries by this national accrediting organization for healthcare organizations, and is now one of only 11 hospitals in Texas which have the disease-specific” specialty certification in knee and hip replacements. 

Joint replacement surgery is performed for patients who have pain, discomfort, or loss of function because of arthritis, accidents, or other causes. Arthritis can eventually cause a joint to deteriorate or wear out to the point that partial or total replacement is necessary. The replacement surgery is designed to restore the patient's ability to walk and relieve pain. Dr. Rick Bassett, Orthopedic Surgeon and Medical Director of Valley Baptist- Harlingen's Orthopedics / Joint Replacement Program, has performed more than 10,000 knee replacement and 2,000 hip replacement surgeries at Valley Baptist. As Dr. Bassett put it,  “this certification for our excellence in joint replacement is a testament to the expertise, dedication and care of the entire joint replacement team at Valley Baptist, including all of our orthopedic surgeons and nursing and rehab staff.” 

Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville

Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville is the first hospital in Cameron County to offer Navio partial knee replacement. Using state-of-the art, computer controlled technology, the system works with the surgeon’s skilled hands to achieve precise position of the knee implant for consistently accurate results. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jose Bossolo has done over 100 partial knee replacements using Navio. If osteoarthritis has progressed to an advanced stage and is causing severe pain, surgery may be the best option.


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With everything from inpatient treatment to home-health services, Valley Baptist offers a wide variety of rehabilitation options. We know that everyone’s recovery process is different, so we work with you to customize just the right solution.

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Partial Joint Replacement at Valley Baptist Medical Center - Brownsville

Valley Baptist is the region’s leading joint replacement specialist. We help hundreds of people regain mobility and freedom every year. If you’re experiencing arthritis pain or  limited range of motion, let us help you.

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Joint Club

Getting a new knee or hip can be both exciting and scary. In addition to our caring professionals, we know it’s important to talk with others who are in the same place you are, or have even completed the process. Our Joint Club gives you the support and understanding you need before, during and after joint replacement surgery and rehabilitation.

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Hip and Knee Replacement at Valley Baptist Medical Center - Harlingen

At Valley Baptist, our doctors perform dozens of hip replacement and knee replacement surgeries every month. We have the latest technology, and our continuum of care helps ensure that your recovery will go as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

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