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Breast Center and Mammography

Scheduling an annual mammogram after the age of 40 (earlier if recommended by your physician), performing monthly self breast exams and having yearly clinical breast exams are all important tools in your arsenal against this disease.

While there are many ways to prevent breast cancer, we do know that early detection is one of the best methods available in the fight against a disease that will affect at least one in eight women during her lifetime.

The services available for you at The Breast Center at Valley Baptist include:

  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Digital mammography
  • Bone Density

The Breast Center at Valley Baptist
Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville
1040 West Jefferson St.,
Brownsville, TX
Women's Center entrance, first floor
(956) 698-5412
Map & Directions

The Breast Center At Valley Baptist
Valley Baptist Medical Center-Harlingen
2101 Pease St.
Harlingen, TX 
(Enter via Professional Building Entrance B)
(956) 389-6703
Map & Directions