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Emergency Care for Stroke

When it comes to stroke prevention, education and treatment, Valley Baptist is the Rio Grande Valley’s first choice. We are a certified Primary Stroke Center, which means that there is no one better suited to take care of you. Our award winning, nationally recognized emergency medical services for stroke are the best in the region. If you think you are having a stroke, we’re the place to be.

Stroke Information

 When it comes to strokes, the faster you can get to treatment, the better. Our doctors say, “time equals brain, “so even if you think there’s something going on, come in right away.

 Not sure how strokes happen? Here’s some information from our health library to help you learn about them:

  • Do you know the symptoms for stroke? 
  • High blood pressure and obesity can increase your chances of stroke. There are other factors involved as well. Do you know your risk?

Many people refer to a stroke as a “brain attack,” because just like a heart attack, the faster it’s treated, the better:

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