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Emergency Care

If you’re looking for the right emergency hospital, then you’re looking for Valley Baptist Medical Center. Whether it’s a burn from a spilled soup pan in the kitchen, a potential heart attack or a stroke, we’ve got the facilities, the people and the technology to get you better, faster.

Award-Winning Staff

Our doctors and nurses are nationally recognized for their healthcare expertise. The Emergency Nurses Association, the Joint Commission and many other major quality-assessment organizations have certified us for our work. When you’re at Valley Baptist, you’re in good hands.

Improved Triage Area

We have renovated our patient entry areas, and now have more nursing assistants and care providers to meet you when you arrive. Even if it’s something as simple as registering you at the bedside, rather than at a desk in the lobby, we know you need care now, and we’re ready to make that happen.

Faster Admission Times

In emergency care, time is everything. We’re focused on getting you in, getting you seen by the doctors and nurses, and getting you better. Our admission times are the best in the area, and we’re working all the time to be even quicker.