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Wound Care Clinic

The good news is that comprehensive therapy for treating these wounds is available at the Wound Care Clinics at both Valley Baptist-Harlingen and Valley Baptist-Brownsville.

For most people, a minor cut or bruise would never develop into a serious health problem. But for people whose healing process is impaired by poor blood circulation, diabetes, or immobilization, a simple wound could eventually lead to chronic open sores, infection, gangrene, and even amputation.

Both Wound Care Clinics are staffed by board-certified physicians trained in comprehensive wound management, specially trained nurses and wound care technicians, who work in collaboration with the patient’s primary care physician to develop a comprehensive, evidenced-based individualized plan of care for each patient.

Patients are also taught how to care for their wound at home, and advised of nutrition and exercises that might aid the healing process and prevent future wounds. Patients who have wounds on their feet are taught how to protect their feet and walk correctly. Special shoes are often prescribed to protect the feet and relieve pressure.

Wound Care Clinic-Brownsville
Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville
1040 W. Jefferson
(956) 698-5546
The Wound Care Clinic -Harlingen
Valley Baptist Medical Center-Harlingen
Medical Arts Pavilion
2121 Pease Street, Suite 201
(956) 389-1940