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Diabetes &
Wound Care Services

At Valley Baptist we know that caring for wounds can be difficult for patients with diabetes. And if you have a wound that hasn't become significantly better in a month or healed completely in two months, you should consider seeking help at our Wound Care Clinic or Foot Care Clinic.


Problem Wounds? No Problem.

Our comprehensive services provide a full range of services for the effective treatment of wounds, and include the following:

  • Wound Assessment
  • Treatment Plans
  • Trained Physicians and Staff
  • Education
  • Discharge Planning
  • Support Services
  • Complete Assessment of:  physical status, nutritional status, educational needs, sensory loss
  • Lab testing, including wound cultures
  • Transcutaneous oxygen measurements

For more information on the diabetes and wound care services we offer, as well as the latest news about your treatment, visit our health library.

Wound Care

 Valley Baptist’s Wound Care clinics are ready to help solve the problems that come with slow-to-heal wounds.

Foot Care Institute

 Your feet are at the foundation of everything you do. Let us help you take care of them properly.


Our specialized treatment facility speeds oxygen — and relief — to stubborn wounds, helping move along the healing process.

  • “ I know from my own experience that there are a lot of changes,” says Dawn Rodriguez, the Program Director of Valley Baptist’s Surgical Weight Loss Program, who had bariatric surgery at VBMC- Harlingen in 2006. “Some programs are just about the surgery. We are here to support your health and wellness before, during and after. We’re a hospital-based program, and we make sure our patients succeed long after they’ve gone home from having their procedure.”

  • Valley Baptist takes pride in the success of their program. "We take pride in striving to send the patient home on the same day of surgery or the next day, and we continue to offer our support when the patient goes home. During the first week clear liquids are allowed, progressing to a pureed diet in another week, and gradually moving to the longer term eating plan. We continue to serve as a resource for you as you move through the various stages of recovery and continued weight loss."

Therapies available:

The center has at its disposal a wide range of therapies designed to promote healing, including:

  • Debridement
  • Bio-engineered Tissue Grafting
  • Support Service Recommendations
  • Infection Management
  • Compression Therapy
  • Off-loading
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Revascularization