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Rio Grande Valley Indigent Health Care Corporation (RGVIHCC)

RGVIHCC Corporation Mission Statement 
To insure that qualifying residents of Cameron County, who do not qualify for any other state or federal assistance, such as Medicare or Medicaid, can receive the basic medical care, that otherwise might not be obtainable.

Program Information 

Valley Baptist established this privately funded indigent health care program for the benefit of eligible residents of Cameron County. Those who qualify can access covered healthcare services through a local physician network beginning with a visit to a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who will manage their healthcare needs.

Applicants must complete a standard application and provide all required documentation to determine if they meet eligibility requirements.

Criteria for eligibility include the following:
• The applicant must be a resident in Cameron County. Proof documents can be Texas Drivers License, utility bills, property tax bills, mortgage or rent bills/receipts.

• Proof of household management responsibility (lease agreement, statement from landlord) and proof that the person does not qualify for coverage under the Medicaid program (Medicaid denial letter).

• Resources cannot exceed $3,000 when a person in the household who is aged or disabled and who meets the relationship requirements lives in the home; or $2000 for all other households. Examples of “Resources” include, but are not limited to, bank accounts, boats, cash, certificates of deposit, livestock (unless necessary for daily living), real estate, vehicles.

• The income level cannot exceed 21% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Once the completed application is received, the program will respond either awarding or denying eligibility, in writing, to the applicant. If denied, the person can apply again at anytime, by submitting a new completed application packet. The denied applicant may also appeal the program’s decision by submitting a written letter of appeal and documentation justifying the appeal to the program explaining why they believe they should be awarded eligibility. That appeal will be reviewed by an Appeal Review Committee, who will make the final decision on the application and appeal.

Applications must be submitted in person at an established appointment time at one of our locations listed below. Please call (956) 389-3672 for more information or to set up your appointment.

Office Locations:

1390 W. Expressway 83
(Cameron County Annex Bldg)
San Benito, TX 78586

800 W. Jefferson, Suite 130
(Edelstein Bldg)
Brownsville, TX 78520