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E-Health Tools/Health Risk Assessments

From acne to weight training, our new E-Health Tools and Health Risk Assessments make it easy to learn more about a wide array of health and wellness topics.


Use our interactive tools to learn more about stroke risk, due dates and alcohol use. Find out what your family tree can mean for your vascular health. With animations, calculators, quizzes and videos, there is so much to explore!


Calculate your BMI or your target heart rate. Learn valuable health measures with our fun and quick calculators. They’re designed to give you important information to help you manage your health.

Health Risk Assessments

Gain insight into your future health by using our quick and easy interactive Health Risk Assessments. It just takes a few minutes to get a snapshot of your risk for common medical conditions ranging from coronary artery disease to osteoporosis. At Valley Baptist, we’re here to help you use that knowledge to make positive changes for your health.


Access our podcasts to get health news and tests and procedure guides that you can listen to on your computer or download to your portable audio player.


Test your knowledge of today’s health issues. Our new quizzes are informative and sometimes surprising. Learn more about health issues ranging from child development to Alzheimer’s disease.

Symptom Checker

If you have a symptom or a healthcare concern, try our symptom checker. Use the interactive body guide to explore the symptom topics that could help. Symptom Checker and Care Guides will guide you through the decisions to make and steps to take so that you feel better fast.

Health Videos

Watch our new health videos to learn about common diseases and conditions and diagnostic tests and procedures.