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Quality Initiatives

Here at Valley Baptist, we’re committed to providing the most attentive staff and highest quality of compassionate care in South Texas. Our patient-centered staff understands that each person who comes through our doors is someone’s father, mother, sister, brother or child, and we strive to treat everyone as though he or she were a member of our own family.


Our Commitment to Quality

Patients and families who seek care and healing in our facilities deserve a safe, top-quality experience. That's why everything we do at Valley Baptist Medical Center is focused on advancing patient care and satisfaction. Our caregivers are Valley Baptist Medical Center, so we provide the resources, training and standards of care necessary to ensure that every interaction between staff and patient is a positive one.

With our patient-focused care, quality is our first priority. We are constantly working to improve the patient experience. Our caregivers ensure that patients and their families experience safe, reliable and compassionate care. We also strive to create an environment that distinguishes our hospitals as preferred places to work, to practice medicine and to receive compassionate care.

Measuring Clinical Quality

Providing quality patient care is at the heart of Valley Baptist’s mission. To us, quality improvement is an ongoing process, one in which we set high standards for ourselves and then continually evaluate our success in achieving these standards. We value transparency, and are committed to sharing our performance record with you in an open and accurate manner.