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Health Ministries

The health ministries at VBHS are a collaborative effort among the parish nurse, pastor and health ministers on staff to integrate faith and health in their church. Each congregation has unique needs and resources; therefore, the health ministry is different in each church.


Parish Nurses

At VBHS, registered nurses who commit to leadership in promoting health and healing in their own church work closely with our pastors to identify and address individual and congregational concerns as well as provide the resources to address them.

Health Ministers

These health professionals and lay people understand the importance of caring for the whole person. They act as a source of influence in the life of the church and ensure that the stewardship of health is expressed in worship, education, networks of support and recreation.

Role of the Parish Nurses and Health Ministry Volunteers

Spirituality is important at Valley Baptist, and the role of our parish nurses and health ministry volunteers is to enhance, not duplicate, holistic health services available in the healthcare system as well as the patient’s own congregation. These services do not include invasive hands-on procedures.

They are advocates of the whole-person concept and have the potential to serve in many roles within the church:

  • As a health educator or counselor
  • As a health resource or referral guide
  • As an advocate
  • As a provider of programs that focus on wellness with consideration for the spiritual aspect of a person

The VBHS Health Ministries program offers to:

  • Identify nurses and volunteers for individual churches or synagogues
  • Guide identified nurses and volunteers in their role as health ministry volunteers
  • Assist the health ministry volunteers with special events and educational in-services in their congregation
  • Provide meetings and educational programs for health ministry volunteers
  • Provide a platform for health ministry volunteers to network and share ideas
  • Provide this service in a manner that respects all faiths and religious traditions

Health Ministry Events and Information

Visit the Texas Department of State Health Services for resources, information and events in parish nursing and health ministry.
Questions regarding services may be directed to the main office, (956) 389-1194.